This summer has been an interesting one in terms of competition for our company and pricing. We have encountered a couple of projects where we encountered competitive pricing that was surprisingly lower than our quote offered. It bothered us to a certain degree. We always feel that when we price out an installation, we offer a fair price that not only ensures that we are using quality materials, but our installers are paid a premium wage which reflects in the workmanship.

Some companies in the U.S. would probably encounter competition like this and in turn drop their pricing. But of course it’s not that easy. In order to drop your pricing, you have to find an area of your business where you will cut costs. Pay your men less, maybe lay off an office staff member to free up some payroll, maybe use cheaper parts. Some would offer an inferior product as some sort of low tier pricing option.

But not us. We will never let pricing get in the way of our quality of work. When my grandfather started this business, he faced competition back then as well. There is always competition in business. But what separates these companies is not a simple dollar amount, it’s the quality of the final product. It’s the process of dealing with that business. So while we realize that we may lose some opportunities because someone might come in and offer a lower price, we refuse to drop to that level because we don’t want to compromise the quality of our work.

Most importantly, we aren’t selling an electronic device or something that is going on a shelf. We are selling a comprehensive system that is protecting your family, your assets. It’s giving you peace of mind during an intense storm. We would never degrade the importance of that work by cutting corners with some part of our business. That’s not who we are.