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LIGHTNING PROTECTION IS NOT A DO-IT-YOURSELF PROJECT!!! It is best left to the experts. Interested in protecting your home from the disastrous effects of lightning strikes? Let us install a Lightning Protection System on your building and have peace of mind at last. You will sleep well knowing that you are well protected!


Absolutely. The National Fire Protection Association has maintained a standard for Lightning Protection for over 100 years. This standard is updated every three years or so to incorporate new findings. NASA, The FAA, Department of Defense and Department of Energy typically install Lightning Protection on any new structure they build. There was even a federal report issued in 2004 that reviewed the technical validity of Lightning Protection Systems and concluded they were critical to protecting our national infrastructure. The American Meteorological Society issued a similar report in 2003.


6.5% of ALL Homeowners Insurance claims are Lightning Related and Lightning related claims exceed $2,000,000,000 per year!

  •  1 out of 200 Homes are struck by Lightning per year.
  • Lightning strikes the Earth 100 times per second.
  • A single bolt of lightning can carry over 30 million volts of electricity.
  • Any building in the Northeast United States can expect 10-20 strikes per year.


Do lightning rods attract lightning?

Definitely not. Lightning rods do not attract or prevent lightning strikes. A lightning protection system simply intercepts a lightning strike and provides a path to the ground to harmlessly discharge the dangerous electricity.


Courtesy of the Lightning Protection Association.

Seek shelter in a protected home or building.

Avoid open fields or high terrain. If you are caught in the middle of a field and you feel your hair standing on end, squat down, put your hands on your knees and tuck your head down between your knees. Do not lie down or put your hands to the ground.