Many people do not realize that Fall and Winter is often the best time to think about installing lightning protection in their home. They just assume that it’s only something to think about during the storm season in the months. But Fall and Winter, especially in the Northeastern United States, typically the time of year where many new construction projects are fighting to get weather-proof. Windows are in, ice/water shield is on the roof. Other trades are scheduled to do rough work inside. One of the benefits with modern lightning protection is that is can also be roughed in just like the electrical and plumbing systems. The bare copper wiring is run inside the walls so that you only see the copper terminals sticking up on the main ridges of the structure. Because of the very low resistance levels of a lightning protection system, when the home is struck and the electrical current is traveling down the cable to ground it does not heat up enough to cause fire. This is why the National Fire Protection Association approves this method of installation as part of their standard, and it’s been done this way for decades.

So if you are building a new home, new building on your property, or even putting an addition on your home Рit may be wise to think about also including lightning protection this Fall and Winter. Our skilled installers work year round, even through the bitter cold to make sure your home is safe.