We at Associated hope you all have a great holiday weekend and enjoy the extra time with your family and friends. It feels like the last couple of years have completely flown by with the pandemic and the effect that it has had on our region. 2021 was such a chaotic year for us with installations. I believe that was largely because it was probably the worst lightning year that we had experienced in over a decade. It felt like we were getting weekly, intense storms that were doing significant damage to many buildings. People find it humorous when I tell them how immediate the lightning effect is on our business. When I hear thunder outside my window I joke “the phone’s going to be ringing off of the hook tomorrow”. Then the next day rolls around and yes, people are calling with interest in lightning protection after experiencing a close call the night before – or worse, damage to their home. We have all gone through a rough past couple of years with the pandemic relentlessly tearing through our communities. As we navigate through this new normal, we are always here for you when it comes to peace of mind from lightning damage to your building. Happy 4th of July!